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At Brisbane Property Advisers, we cater for all levels of property investors. However, our focus is very much on the small to medium property investor, either starting out, or seeking to grow their property portfolio in a tax effective manner.

Our advice is tailored to give our clients a competitive edge and ensure they maximise their taxation position and protect their assets. We are able to see the full picture and provide honest, reliable and unbiased advice.

Our business has been purpose built to provide unique taxation advice specifically for property investors.

Most Accountants have very limited knowledge when it comes to property investing, and few invest in property themselves outside of their own home.

We fill this void by providing innovative strategies to help our clients build and maximise their wealth through property investing.

Many firms offer general tax advice, however we specialise in advice tailor made for property investors. We are property investors too, so our advice is practical and tailored for real life situations. We practise what we preach, we're property investors too, which is important for you to know.

We are one of the few accounting practices in Australia to dedicate its entire service to property investors and their taxation needs.

We will show you how to streamline your taxation position to suit your investment portfolio, maximise your deductions and minimise your income and capital gains tax.

We will show you how to implement taxation and asset protection techniques to create more wealth from your investing activities.

We have strategic alliances and associations with financial professionals including Mortgage Brokers, Quantity Surveyors and standard Accountants to assist with all your investing needs.

We aim to help our clients think more strategically about their investment properties, to increase their rate of success in achieving their desired outcomes.

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"Brisbane is tipped to be the strongest property market in Australia in the next five or six years, while delivering the strongest returns for investors with rental yields of 4.1% for houses and 5.2% for units, higher than Sydney, 2.8% and 3.7% and Melbourne, 2.6% and 4.2%"

"Brisbane housing growth rate to double next year"
14/10/17 The Courier Mail

"Brisbane property prices predicted to rise by 3% to 8% in 2018"
22/10/17 The Urban Developer

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